Sunday, July 16, 2006

My possible disorders

This all started when I made mention to someone that coffee, instead of stimulating me, put me to sleep. They told me that it was a sign of ADHD. So, that night I went home and researched a little. I seemed to fit all or most of the symptoms. (Of course that still doesn't mean anything. One time I was convinced I was a HLV. If you don't know what that is, don't ask.) Then I got sidetracked and checked out all the other neurological disorders and I found several that I identified with.

Asperger syndrome (don't really think I have it)

-limited interests or preoccupation with a subject to the exclusion of other activities
-repetitive behaviors or rituals;peculiarities in speech and language
(repetitve yes, rituals no) (pecularities? not really) (friends get mad when I use big words. XD)
-socially and emotionally inappropriate behavior and interpersonal interactionproblems with
non-verbal communication
(every now and then)
- and clumsy and uncoordinated motor movements.
(I do good in sports but I swear, sometimes coordination deserts me)

Synaesthesia (in certain situations , yes)

it is a neurological rarity in which two or more of the senses are interconnected, resulting in a more holistic experience. For example, music may be seen as colour or a forest may be heard as a poem. Synaethesia should not be mistaken for artistic interpretation; synaethestes are not simply interpretting but actually perceieve reality on a fundamentally different level than non-synaestheses. Because synaethesia is rare, occuring in only 1 % of the population, many synaetheses don't realize that their experiences are abnormal.

(I experience this more in the recall of memories. A memory that shouldn't have a certain smell, taste, or feeling does for some inexplicable reason. It's not like that sensation was present or anything. I just recall it with the memory.)

ADHD (I'm fairly certain)

he symptoms of ADHD fall into the following two broad categories:[4]


  1. Failing to pay close attention to details or making careless mistakes when doing schoolwork or other activities yes
  2. Trouble keeping attention focused during play or tasks yes
  3. Appearing not to listen when spoken to my mom thinks so
  4. Failing to follow instructions or finish tasks not really
  5. Avoiding tasks that require a high amount of mental effort and organization, such as school projects yup
  6. Frequently losing items required to facilitate tasks or activities, such as school supplies i go through hundreds of pens and pencils
  7. Excessive distractibility definately
  8. Forgetfulness often

Hyperactivity-impulsive behavior

  1. Fidgeting with hands or feet or squirming in seat yeah
  2. Leaving seat often, even when inappropriate i do it to just the point of detention then quit
  3. Running or climbing at inappropriate times wtf?
  4. Difficulty in quiet play no clue
  5. Frequently feeling restless all the time
  6. Excessive speech when I'm excited I ramble
  7. Answering a question before the speaker has finished teacher doesn't like it
  8. Failing to await one's turn yes
  9. Interrupting the activities of others at inappropriate times somtimes
A positive diagnosis is usually only made if the patient presents with at least six of the above symptoms check. In addition, a positive diagnosis is made if six or more of these symptoms presented before the age of seven; the symptoms usually begin to appear between the ages of four and six. Symptoms must appear consistently in varied environments

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

(I just researched this a little more. I definately have Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD) which is a little different.)

Tribute to Tickle Tests

I've taken my share of tickle tests and I've found them fairly accurate (probably because of very general and murky results plus some plain old flattery) Here are the results of some of the tests I've taken.

The 5-Factor IPIP Personality Test

What Makes You Unique?

Mason, your most unique quality is that you're unusually Intense

You're wound up and have a lot going on. Others may have trouble understanding what you're going through, but they generally find your intensity very compelling and are drawn to you. This happens even without effort on your part. Compared to others who are also intense, you are unusually uninterested in being the center of attention. Only 0.8% of all test takers have this unique combination of personality strengths.

Mason, the brightest color in your aura is Red

Contrary to popular myth, auras are actually multi-colored energy fields that can be divided into seven primary layers. Having Red as your brightest color means that the first layer of your aura is the most vibrant. You most likely experience exceptional physical health, which gives you great vitality and energy. Your deep connection to your body makes it easier for you to express your spirit, and you're more open than most to cultivating life's lessons.

Mason, when it comes to psychic abilities, you have an unusually strong talent in the area of Precognition

This means you have an uncanny ability to look into the future and know ahead of time what is going to happen. You might, for instance, simply know that you're going to get that job before the interview even happens with a certainty that exceeds what you would expect to have simply knowing the facts of the situation. You might have a sense of dread before going out for the evening only to later have a flat tire on your way home. These little hunches are easy to ignore but for you especially, quite often lead to a true prediction of what is going to happen. These predictions can be used to generate positive outcomes, and the more you know about how to use your talent, the more you will be able to distinguish between fantasy of the future and an actual reality you are seeing happen, before it has actually happened.

Mason, you are Left-brained i'm left-handed, shouldn't I be right-brained?

Most left-brained people like you feel at ease in situations requiring verbal ability, attention to detail, and linear, analytical ability. Whether you know it or not, you are a much stronger written communicator than many, able to get your ideas across better than others.

It's also likely that you are methodical and efficient at many things that you do. You could also be good at math, particularly algebra, which is based on very strict rules that make sense to your logical mind.

Mason, you answered 28 out of 30 questions correctly!

Congratulations! Your score is in the 99th percentile. This means that if one hundred people took the test with you, your score would rank higher than 98 of them on average.

When we analyzed your test, we also discovered that when it comes to quantitative ability, you measure in the 100th percentile. This score indicates you have unusually strong abilities when it comes to solving numerical problems. If there is a numerical pattern to be found, you'll find it. You've got a knack for noticing when something "isn't right." Whether you're conscious of it or not, you have an ability to simply understand when something doesn't add up. Also, when it comes to splitting the check, doing taxes, or determining the number of fans in a baseball stadium, you're the one people turn to.

Mason, your secret to success is to be Imaginative

Your ability to look at the world from fresh perspectives keeps you both in touch with what's current and able to come up with novel solutions to vexing problems. Unlike many people, you're not one to stick to tradition if something isn't working. Most of the time, you'd rather make up your own new-and-improved traditions. By creating fresh ideas from old ones, people like you can become pioneers in their chosen fields.

Being inventive is a gift. While others rely on tried and true methods, your natural tendency is to seek out innovative alternatives. This trait can make you a great leader in creative brainstorming sessions, business process improvement taskforces, and other areas where innovation is a must.

Mason, you're a Millionaire Material Medium High!

Ever thought about buying an SUV and joining a tennis club? You should, because you were made for the elite. We can tell that you enjoy many of the finer things in life, but for some reason you just can't make the leap to "millionaire material." Sure, that's a step down from the top of the money pile, but it's probably all for the best. Why? Perhaps because, when it comes down to it, you enjoy fun more than money. Cash is all well and good, and we can tell that you're pretty good at saving your dough when you put your mind to it, but you'd rather spend time outdoors, hang out with friends, or plan your next big trip than drool over your bank balance. After all, what's money for if you can't enjoy it?

Mason, your Sense of Humor makes you amazing

When it comes to making people laugh, your sense of humor is second to none. From knock knock-jokes to clever remarks to uproarious stories, you've got a well-tuned funny bone that leaves people begging for more.

Your quick wit and lighthearted approach to life are legendary. And you probably don't mind all the attention you get because of it. Besides, it's more fun for everyone especially when they're rolling on the floor with laughter. So keep roasting friends, hamming it up, and dishing out witty one-liners. It's unbelievable!

Mason, the recurrent theme of your dream life is Mastery

You're dreaming about maximizing opportunities and achieving well-deserved success. This means that in some area of your waking life, you are adequately prepared and things are working out just the way you want.

In the end, although I promote the idea that you need to come with grips with yourself and to know your qualities, I don't believe tickle tests really reveal your true self. Some people will accept a result which is obviously wrong, if only because it sounds good or tells them they're intelligent, funny, or sexy. Of course, my test results are right though. XD

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Basic Introduction

I figure I'd better sketch out some details here to start with. I'm sixteen years old and I just completed my sophomore year at a very very very very small high school in Oregon. The current major event in my life is my coming exchange to Belgium next year, which I'll explains more of later. I excell in sports and academics, albeit in a fairly relaxed setting(1A HS). I start at RB and LB in 8-man football, forward in basketball, and have been known to occasionally throw a pointy metal thing and chuck discuses(discucae?) during track season. The student body nominated me for the only job on the student council (treasurer) that actually constitutes daily duties. Bad luck that one. I was formerly extremely introverted until massive amounts of alcohol, some foreign exchange student friends (not necessarily together) plus some personal resolve, managed to reverse that. My small school is not a private one, instead it's fitted to an equally small town where most of my family lives. (My family is quite large; it fielded the entire starting varsity girl's basketball team one year) It's also provided at least 10 1A All-State football players. Three Best Defensive POTG, One offensive, and the MVP award in the annual East-West Allstar game. A dozen or so valedictorians and salutatorians too. Which means that all my cousins have high-tailed it out of this stagnant old logging town and made for either the Willamette Valley or the metros of California. I love and cherish my multitude of cousins, I love each and every one of them. Well, most of the time. I have 3 brothers, one who died last year in a car accident when his disabled friend was driving. It's been especially hard on my mother. My parents are semi-educated but their paychecks don't seem to benefit from it. They're separated(I live with my mom) and both make little enough to qualify me for all the financial aid I'll ever need. I've worked every summer since I was 13 and I've made minimum wage EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Believe me, when I say the novelty has worn off. I'm working 40 hours right now(4 tens) which has allowed me to finance my exchange myself. I've tried to keep my parents out of it. They've got little enough as it is. As it is now past midnight there's only 40 days until I board a plane at Portland(then hit some connecting flights during my 1 1/2 days in flight) and disembark in Brussels, Belgium. That's my life as it stands right now. I don't believe I've quite fucked it up yet, but time will tell. Will I realize my dreams? i hope so. Will I be a moral, ethical, and upstanding citizen? Probably not. The question you probably want to ask is: when will I stop rambling? My fingers are tired and a pot of coffee is trying to make me go to sleep (yes sleep) so I'll vote for right now.